We grow chilli in Rwanda, the UK, and Spain. Our growing programme works both directly on our own fields and through exclusive partnerships with other farms. Because we control our entire growing process all year round, no matter what volume of chilli you require, we can provide a consistent supply from the same seed stock. We offer a wide range of varieties and heat levels and can produce volume to the scale of your needs.

We do regular Scoville testing of our chillies to ensure that the heat levels align with the typical SHU expected.

Accredited seed producers supply our seed stock, and we never reuse our seed to ensure 100% fidelity.

On top of this, controlling our ingredient production to this detail for our manufacturing process means that we are 100% sure of delivering consistency of heat and flavour every single time.

Coupled with this, we also maintain a high level of customer service with speedy responses to all enquiries.

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Our Core Varieties

Green Jalapeno Chillies - Chilli Mash Company

Green Jalapeno

Typically – 3,500 – 8,000 Shu

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Fireflame Chillies - Chilli Mash Company

Red Fireflame

Typically 30,000 – 50,000 Shu

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Red Birds Eye Chilli - Chilli Mash Company

Red Birds Eye

Typically 100,000 Shu

Scotch Bonnet Chillies

Scotch Bonnet

Typically 100-350,000 Shu

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Naga Morich

Typically 1,000,000 Shu

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Carolina Reaper

Typically 1.4m – 2.4m Shu

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