We formed Chilli Mash Company specifically to provide a high-quality source of chilli mashes and purees to the sauce manufacturing industry. We’re currently the only producer of British chilli mash at scale. As seen in the photos, we produce a high-quality product that smells, tastes, and looks appetising using traditional barrel fermentation techniques and pasteurisation.

Until our inception in 2016, the only chilli mashes readily available on the UK market all had unwanted ingredients. They were high-in-salt (14% or more) and laced with harsh acetic acid (An artifi cial, concentrated sub-component of natural vinegar (<4%) – otherwise known as ethanoic acid, E260).

Our mashes are unapologetically simple. We use three ingredients only – the chilli itself (which is 87% of the fi nished product), Cider Vinegar (Which is made bespoke for us at a local cider farm and contains no added sulphites) and salt (never more than 5%). Our current process uses the lowest salt percentages practical and minimal quantities of highquality locally produced Hampshire cider vinegar.

Most of our mashes and purees begin life as a simple fermentation. This process produces natural acidity reducing the requirement to add harsh acids to lower the PH. In late 2020 we moved the processing of our raw chilli to our facility in Kigali, Rwanda. We can harvest the chilli and mash it down the same day by doing this. For the first few weeks, we keep the chilli in barrels in Kigali, and then once the fermentation has settled down, the barrels are sent to the UK for processing.
Once in the UK, we pasteurise the mash, add the cider vinegar and pack it into smaller buckets before sending it to our clients. The pasteurisation prevents the fermentation from continuing. Our mashes have a proven two years shelf life after pasteurisation.

Our core offerings (available 365 days per year) are Scotch Bonnet Chilli Mash (Our signature product), Red Chilli Mash, Green Chilli Mash and Birds Eye Chilli Mash. Usually, we off er these mashes pasteurised as purees for shelf life. However, if you require an unpasteurised product, please get in touch.

Carolina Reaper Puree - 41ml - Chilli Mash Company - Worlds Hottest Chilli

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Salted surface of a green chilli mash in barrel